anyway here's

17. october 2016 at 19:21 | JPM
if your life is a chiffon dress
if your life is an open window
if your life is a spiral staircase
then you may run down the hill
see yourself
hang yourself
eat quietly in the bathroom
wishing the night away


9. august 2016 at 18:24 | JPM |  ABOUT
so i kinda moved to dreamwidth i guess? /seems much better so far /esp. texteditor

id envy why

12. july 2016 at 18:30 | JPM |  PARAGRAPHS
when youre important(tm) and have to share w/ evryo. do ya care idc that udntc (irs, itrtoai rltoe, mdcne, etc, look how igotlifenyadont) and as you would staring in the sun for twenty minutes waiting 'n not even being sure 'bout anthg and as i were in the shadow awkwardly for another hour and as i went for 'bout five-hundred-thousand-mistakes-under-ten-minutes and plus cca two mins of ABSOLUTE TORTURE lemme tell ya and even ma considered it hardtosurvive so, there - and now i've kept singing into void 'bout idwannabutistillhavetoshize

while i met Ul on the vehic. even though this was my one (1) and only /1 occasion _even though idk howmanytimesuldid_ it still pissed me off since Ul beingulsusualself(tm) all longsum. awk. bor. etc etc and babbling 'bout the thing/im/not/going/to (talk about) as well as 'vryone on socialcountenance just go on n on bout it ik i shant go there when it pisses me of tm but i love self torture and selfhate and vrything that goes w/ it and although i might get an answ. when i would ***** i'll eventually give it up since ♪whaat woould uuu saaay shee woooul wanna taalk abooooout♫ i mean i shan't anyway since i probably didn't even clarify as what i think the talkiestalkiebalkiewalkie whatevs. etc. did since i got probs more laughts from her than anbdy else which is//a lot(tm) not much really but still enough for me to be saur 'bout it

whenever i start thnkng ´the badluckandallthatotherpreciousstuff that goes with it, ya feel me? i go to the darkest place in me in search for thatguy, you know? since it was all "bdlck" you would say since "pityandallandifitwasn'tfor miss Brb'n'blnd i totallywouldhavetheultimatechance(tm) if you know what i mean; however now i obsessively stalk 'em on the pic'n'blanc thingy whatever ya call it as they're very strghthettmetcetc and i have this mix of vommiting envy in my head whatevs. since on the walkytalkyhotythingy i could have been (probs?) and glad i haven't i would be forced (by myself) to express my opinion on smtng. like idk hetsingeneral and/or other stuff like the fact that i ///****//im (1)firstonce and even though i constantly doubt it, it isstillhere-and-there-and-everywhere and maybe when i strt t cr/ all of a sudden its cause of miss brbnblnd and the fivefeetperfectionofgirlsness w/ like pnkwllsnpostres and even pddgy thing-we-dont-talk-about... ah the great sense of my own greatness ya hear it?... and since was really frustrating to be near mssbrbnblnd once i dont wannatryagaineverinmylife

gasp, but then i guess i dont have to since Ul may have been the last grain of sand from the tragic land etc. while im gonna dig myslf in some shize of dontwanttobuthavetoanyway theyll be drowning in real life(tm) -probs w/ fencesandnappiesandsundayafternoons? im not quite sure hwitwrks; anyway byebyerealopportunities-god i hate this word-//and hello-shitandstuff.idebloodyknowtbqh